Notes from 18MR’s #notyourasiansidekick Google Hangout

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Participants; Moderated by Pakou Her, Campaign Director at 18 Million Rising (

Tanzila Ahmed, writer and organizer. (
Soya Jung, Senior Partner at ChangeLab. (
Suey Park, writer and organizer, who launched #NotYourAsianSidekick.
Kristina Wong, comedian and performance artist (
Miriam Yeung, Executive Director of National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum. (


-there are grassroots organizations with digital and on the ground movement; important to meet each other

-move critical mass online to on the ground

-how to take a hashtag and make it a movement on the ground?

-how to include more people in the conversation?

BayAreaSolidarity Summer ( train young SASAM about skill sets, history, -isms, more of a connection between older and younger activists

Soya: help organizations, new and old, who have different resources, work together to engage as one, strengthen strategies for all; internal and external work as ASAM

Miriam: bring the conversations back to your family, need to have those difficult conversations; 80% of ASAM adults are foreign born; language capacity not provided by dominant culture; don’t understand your family and community’s capacity to join you; ASAM communities more progressive than is imagined

Bridge generation – first generation ASAMs

Movement on the ground and online – how to do it?

-Work done before digital organizing

Kristina: Show up where you’re not invited

Soya: ASAMS have played a part in the Right’s agenda of racist ideas – who deserves to be poor

-anti-Black racism

-stand up against anti-black racism; sometimes we experience push back because we should focus on our own issues

-criminalization, deportation, incarceration – usually not enough language available to push back, but something black communities have been dealing with for a long time, a new fight for our communities

Suery: ASAM not connected to other WOC

-shared issues?

-no one will invite you through the WOC gateway; WOC/POC has to be a political label

Pakou: White feminism is dominant culture shaping the conversation of feminism

Soya: Power at the national policy level is inadequate, find ways to support NAPAWF

-colorism is big gendered issue; shared issue for WOC

-look for local organizations working, get involved in electoral politics,

Youngist tumblr – space for young people writing

NAPAWF – join the listserv, retweet political activists tweets

-POC usually the token (reframe the space you’re given, point out you are the token), show up to places you aren’t invited to

Inspirational API people:

Soya: raise visibility of ASAM who are poor, low wage labor, LGBT poor & criminalized; stories not told – need organizing, training

Kristina: Jude Narita ( one woman show about being an ASAM W; portrayed ASAM women as real humans

Miriam: Sarita Gupta (Executive Director at Jobs With Justice) her about immigrants; mothers of NAPAWF in 1995 – went to UN in Beijing, wanted to participate in conference

Tanzila: Vandana Shiva (, Yuri Kuchiyama, Grace Lee Boggs, Jenny Yang (dis/orient/ed comedy)

Suey: Grace Lee Boggs, (“We are the ones we have been waiting for”), Helen Za

-assimilation; couldn’t say anything about experiencing racism first hand

-freedom to speak up because of those who handled racism in a wink and a whisper

Relevant Hashtags:

#iminthe78% : percent of ASAM who support abortion rights (