We are two women of color living in Portland, OR interested in exploring the “Otherness” many of us feel in regards to a part of our identity outside the dominant culture. The name of our online literary magazine is based on Simone De Beauvoir’s description of Otherness in The Second Sex.

Lucy is still struggling to identify herself singularly. She is a half-Chinese/half-Caucasian, daughter of an immigrant, who sometimes (annoyingly) passes for full-Caucasian, cared for a long-term ill parent for most of her adolescence, and grieves for the parent she lost at 22. She navigates a fine line in terms of exploring her experience as a model minority and social other. Presently she is a baker who blogs about grief at doubtrage.wordpress.com and exhaustively works on a memoir.

Maria was born in Ecuador where she spent eight years living a socially privileged life before moving to Miami. Although transitioning into another country was difficult, she still lived in a place where her Latin American identity was often celebrated. After moving to Portland, the intersection of racism and sexism became a salient reality, and is her driving motivation for helping people explore Otherness. She currently helps adults in transition from jail or prison obtain their GED, eats/cooks passionately, and procrastinates on her work.


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