When Is It Socially Acceptable To Stop Eating?


I often think about this while dining in a crowd. Particularly at work where all of my female coworkers are thinner, generally smaller women. Food consumption would fall under the umbrella category of “Comparing Yourself To Others.” I can’t help but sub-consciously catalog those around me’s food consumption. If they eat less, or exhibit excess self-control, I name them vain, someone who doesn’t want to have fun, but would rather make sure they look good tomorrow. If they eat as much as me I feel a connection, validation, evidence that how much I eat is normal.

I never think this while dining with men. I never think their food choice is saying something about their personality, their priorities (unless it is that they’re vegetarians for¬† “moral reasons,” or other food choices which are inherently political), and I don’t think we should be eating the same amount, because I should either be eating less (because “I’m a girl,”) or eating as much because I’m a cool nonchalant girl who is one of the guys. It’s all part of walking that tenuous line between cool and looking attractive. A line I am trying very hard not to see, but which my feet keep returning to.



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