Difference in Perception


This reminds of the incident with athlete Richard Sherman over MLK weekend. He was called a thug (and other racial slurs) when he spoke passionately and aggressively after a game. Would an aggressive white athlete be called a thug? I doubt it. Too often the word we use to describe one person would be completely different if only race/gender were changed.

4 thoughts on “Difference in Perception

  1. That pic is very telling. I think your perception can depend on your race may times. I think it’s because everyone has a different experience depending on how they are treated in society. Much like if a white kid has tattoos and smokes weed he’s just “expressing his unique personality”. Or just “mistakes we all make as youth”. Black kid has tattoos and gets high he’s just a ghetto street punk. That needs to thrown in jail and learn discipline. It’s all perception.



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