Bechdel Test


Once you notice the fact there are very few women in movies, and even fewer instances where the women are not scantily dressed, not stereotypical, or used as a backdrop, it makes it difficult to watch without a critical eye. Swedish cinema has recently adopted a Bechdel Test Rating for any new movie. These are movies with at least two women characters, where the women talk to each other, and when they talk about something other than men. It is a simple rubric, but apparently very difficult for many screenwriters to follow. There is also a website that posts movies that do or do not pass this criteria ( I imagine a day when there will be equal amounts of men or women in cinema, and when there happens to be more women, it will be seen as normal, because women are prized members of society, rather than doers and helpers in the shadows.

P.S. This is what happens when Maria, the more skilled drawer, goes away for the holidays. Lucy finishes some comics, pours herself a drink, promptly spills whiskey/Frangelico over all of it. Hence the weird pinkish-ness on the top of the comic, it’s a water stain 😦



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